Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Saturday!

OMG guys and girls, it's 40 degrees here in lovely central Indiana. YIKES!
I thought for sure today was supposed to be in the upper 60's and then TOMORROW it was going to get cold but nope, Mother Nature changed her mind.
So Doug got out of mowing our yard one last time and Caleb now has on his warm GAP cords and Gymboree airplane sweater and darn, he is SO cute! I've been waiting for TWO YEARS for him to finally gain enough weight to fit into that outfit. He's just too cute :)
(will take picture later)

I made a card last night! Y'all know I'm not a card person. I hate cutting up pretty 12x12 paper that I only have one sheet of so I rarely make them but this months M2R kit came with TWO sheets of each Fancy Pants Happy Holidays paper so, I thought what the hay :)

This card is from a sketch by Lyn on M2R. I'm horrible at following sketches and not the best card maker so please, be kind. I spent at least an hour trying to make the perfect stacked flower for this card but I found that I really do not have the best flower selection anymore and definitely did not have any "Christmas-y" flowers so I hope this one is okay. I like it.
I also Stickled the card but you can't really see that in the picture.
Here's Lyn's sketch and my card. Notice I changed the orientation:

I did NOT plan on the red strip being crinkled like that. The Stickles did that so I had to lift it up and do it to the whole strip. It looks better IRL and actually doesn't look so bad.
I asked Colleen and Jess on M2R to teach a C'mas cardmaking class and they are doing that today. I can't wait!

Tonight Doug and I are going on a date!!! First one in 11 months!! My lovely sister in law, Lisa, is watching Caleb so we can go out for a few hours. I'm excited!
Doug is acting sick though so I hope we can go :(

Okay, I'm off to play with Caleb. Have a great day, everyone!


Jenny said...

"Not so bad?" Is that what you said about that card?!? Girl, it ROCKS! It looks awesome, seriously! Great job!!

robin said...

cute card!!!

Anonymous said...

jenny....i think the card is cute!!!! give yourself some credit!!! hope you have fun on your date! tracy

BethieJ said...

Jenny~ that card is so CUTE! you did a GREAT job!!! (I sooo cant wait to play with my kit!!)
Hope you had a GREAT time on your date!!!
to COOL about winning on Jennifers Blog!! Congrats!
and finally a happy belated birthday to your hubby!!
have a GREAT day!!!