Sunday, November 16, 2008

Owlies and more!!

As some of you know, I LOOOOVE owlies but haven't yet figured out how to use them on my LO's of Caleb. They all seem pretty girlie (but I still hoard them like crazy, LOL).
Well, Kaiser Craft has come out with a more boyish owl line - WHAT A HOOT.

Oh yeah, a few of you were wondering.. Caleb's night two in his big boy bed went extremely well. He loves his new bed :) YAY!!!

And... This weeks featured artist on JYAS is Sue Mylde. Her work ROCKS!! Go check it out!!
And, if you'd like your work published on JYAS, please email me directly or


BethieJ said...

Jenny~ How SWEET is your angel in his new bad! Glad it is going well! That owl paper is cute!! Cant wait to see what you create with the new boyish owl! :)
Sorry to hear about your LSS!! That is always a bummer!!
and finally! CK photos I PROMISE as soon as I get them developed! :) I forgot my camera! DORK ME! So I have to use up this throw away I bought! I will try to do that today! and share next week! I didnt get alot.. hee hee! but I got some!!
Ok that was a NOVEL of a post! HA HA! Have a GREAT day!!!

Melissa Bove said...

Hi Jenny! That Owl paper is adorable! I love owls too! Can't wait to see what you make with it!!