Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a sad day...

DELETED CONTENT.. SORRY FOLKS*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Basically all it said was I hate the area I live in.. It went blue in the election.. Such a sad day for my husband and I. Not only that O won but, that he won over this area.

This election can also be VERY bad for Doug's job. He is so super worried now.

I also got rejected for a DT spot today. I never had high hopes to make it because it was a pretty prestigious kit club but there is always that little bit in me that thinks well, anything is possible.
But my style just wasn't what they were looking for or they liked someone else better which, can be hard to take but, I understand. Congrats to those that made it, you do fabulous work!
This was my 3rd let down. I think it's time to take a break and stop applying and just ENJOY this hobby that SHOULD be fun. (not stressful) KWIM?
I think maybe for now I'm going to re-focus on finishing Caleb's first two years, do work for my client and throw in a few swaps from time to time (just a FEW! LOL). Just have FUN. Afterall, isn't that what we all started scrapbooking for? ;)

Oh yeah .. Doug is STILL sick.. It's been two weeks now and two Doctors visits later, he's still hacking away.
Caleb STILL has his eye stye and even though we are putting warm cloths on it twice a day, it looks worse than ever. He will be taken to the doctor very soon. I called them, they said there really is nothing they can do but I am going to MAKE them do something. It's an infection, right? Can't they give him antibiotics?? It's been over two weeks, this thing should be gone by now!

I'm sleeping on the couch every night. With Doug sick, he cannot use his Cpap machine (Apnea) and is restless and snoring constantly and I can't sleep with him snoring like that.
And I'm also worried about Caleb, who is NOT doing well sleeping in his big boy room and yesterday started trying to climb out of his crib. Well, I'm SO worried about him doing that and getting hurt so I'm pretty much sleeping in the living room with one eye open all night.
So that means I'm not getting much sleep at all so now I'm worn down and sick.

But hey, life could be worse. I know that. Doug could be without a job like so many other Americans.. So many other people in my own city. So I thank Jesus every day for what we have and pray that Mr. Obama makes the right decisions and turns this Country around.


Shawn & Keith said...

yes, you would be right and please move closer to us. you will love the elem school here and you could help me scrap the kids.
as small business owners this stinks for us.

hey, call me. are you going to jj's party wedn?