Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Big Boy Bed" Night One SUCCESS!!!!!!

Our little guy was climbing out of his crib from time to time so we went ahead and put his Cars bed together tonight and I must say, my child amazed me and did REALLY well!
No crying, none at all.
Well, after about 30 minutes I panicked a bit that he was being so quiet so I went in and checked on him only to find that he had pooped and that the batteries in his aquarium night light thingy were going dead so, we had to take care of that which, really woke him up and for the next two hours, he stayed up playing in his room in the dark.
We went in there several times to tell him it was night-night time and to get into bed, I really thought he was going to stay up all night. But then around 1am there was SILENCE.
We checked on him and to our amazement, he was in his bed asleep and oh so cute :)
I ran and got my camera as Doug told me he was going to bed and I was on my own if I woke him up.. tee hee.
But I took my chances and got these pics. After all, what kind of scrapper would I be if I didn't get pics of him on his first night sleeping in his big boy bed? LOL

Have a great night, everyone.


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Awww, he is adorable! Continued success!!