Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So embarrassed to be a Hoosier right now

I just saw on Yahoo news that Indiana is a battleground state. I had heard it might be possible but then thought, no way. No way would my fellow Hoosiers be such idiots!

People of Indiana, are you seriously going to let Obama win this election? Are you CRAZY??
Okay, so yes, Bush is a dumb A, I fully admit that but McCain is NOT Bush and deserves your vote!
Are you seriously going to vote for a man that believes 20 week old babies should be aborted, wants to teach your kids about homosexuality in school and wants the government to control everything? Barack Obama is all about SOCIALISM, people!

I'm hanging my head in shame this Election Day.
And I pray that you PRAY and make the right decision before you cast your vote.


The Haughs said...

Hey Jenny! Hope you are all feeling better! YAY to Caleb for sleeping in his big boy bed! (And YAY to Mommy for getting through it!) It looks like you had a great time trick-or-treating! :)

Hope to see you Thursday around 12:40ish. :)


wendy said...

Yep...it's scary! I'm worried about the future of the US!

Alli said...

Seriously scarey...and still a lot more to go as we haven't even closed our polls here on the west coast!
BOTH my boys had mock elections at their schools today..and guess who won BOTH at the elementary and the jr. high?? Yep, Obama!

Shawn & Keith said...

i am shocked and amazed at this state going blue. i never thought i'd see that happen. chic, i'm just as upset as you are as it looks like we helped him win the election.