Sunday, November 30, 2008

More pictures...

Kissing his cousin Gracie (9). He loves her to death. I think he senses her gentle spirit cause she's the only one in my family is he totally comfortable with.

This is what Caleb had to think about Thanksgiving... (he looks SO much like me as a kid here, it's scary).

This is what kept him from crying more than he did. Signing Time on Poppy's huge TV.

More Signing Time. He loves it so much that Poppy gave us money to buy him some Signing Time dvd's for his Christmas present.

Trying to "help" with the Christmas Tree lights.
More "helping", LOL.

Wish this would have turned out. I love this picture.


Anonymous said...

first time to be at your blog, and what fun it is! i'll def be back to check up on this.

what cute pics you've got going on here! :)