Sunday, November 23, 2008

My new MUST HAVE item :)

I've got a few must haves on my C'mas list. None which I'll probably get unless I buy them myself and consider them Christmas b/c unless I give Doug SPECIFICS, it will be hard for him to find them and he's all about surprising me this year. *sigh*

On my list are the new Cricut blade that cuts chipboard, the Graphically Speaking cartridge and more 1" Bind-It-All wires. But THIS has made it to the top of my list.
Y'all know how much I love the color RED. How yummy is this!!!???
And it looks like there's an album kit using this same line and the BIA.. Hmmmm, I might want THAT, too. LMBO :)

Today is another lazy day. Other than laundry and bed making, nothing much going on.

For the record, "War Inc." was so dumb in the first 10 minutes that I didn't bother watching the rest. I hate DUMB movies. I was expecting a good drama/action movie but it was nothing like that.
We now have *free* HBO so hopefully we'll get to see some great movies that way :)
Yes, FREE!! :)
I got a notice from Comcast that we could get their "Triple Play" for less than what we were already paying so I called and the cust svc rep I spoke with told me with the Triple Play we could have cable, internet AND phone with HBO and Showtime for $117. Well, we'd been paying $108 for JUST cable and internet so I was like "okay, sign us up!!".
So when they came to install the phone Wednesday the installer told me um, no, it doesn't come with HBO. I think she saw I was a little irritated so while she was on the phone with Comcast something happened and next thing we know, we have free HBO. YAY!!!
I've never had a "premium" channel before.. tee hee :) Thank you, Comcast!!

Oh yeah, I'm getting giddy over free stuff.. I'm a little TOO happy these days. Some of my friends are like what is going on with you, Jenny.. Why so happy?
I just feel like a burden has been lifted off me. I don't know WHY or even how to explain it. I just feel FREE finally. Weird, I know. But gotta love it .. There's nothing wrong with being happy :)

Have a great HAPPY day, everyone! ;)


jinxi~ aka angi said...

I was going to ask you about that movie. Youd think a John Cuzack movie would be better! ugh.. but thanks!
Im glad you feel so *free*.. its a great feeling. :)