Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anyone need help vacuuming your house?

I have the perfect little helper for you :)

He's strong and can move a canister vac all over the house.
He's mindful of monsters and makes sure not to vacuum Elmo..
AND, He can count one through ten (listen carefully to the 2nd video.. it's too cute!)

Caleb vacuuming 1 from Jenny Brannies on Vimeo.

Caleb Vacuuming 2 from Jenny Brannies on Vimeo.

And He even knows how to spell his name. "C-A-L-E-B - Caywub!!!"
(he doesn't do that in these videos, he did it tonight just out of the blue for Doug and I)

And here's a little card I made tonight.. Real fast and easy using some little personalized thank you notes I bought for super cheap off Etsy. I loooooove Etsy!
This card is going somewhere special this week along with a little token of love.. tee hee hee ;)