Sunday, December 21, 2008

But Ma, I don't wanna sit still for pictures!

Eleven shots later, I finally got a "money shot". Of course, not in front of the Christmas Tree but hey, he's two. LOL
I think God blessed Doug and I with one cute and perfect little boy :)

(Thanks cousins Kevin & Ryan for the hand-me-down Elmo slippers. He loves them!!)


4guysandagirl said...

Love the slippers!! Baby's working on his 2nd pair of them. He wore the 1st ones so much that the heels got holes in them!! LOL!

BethieJ said...

OH Jenny what GREAT photos.. I LOVE the money shot!! but they are all cute! how can they not be when it is your sweet Caleb!!!
I am sending you 10inchs of snow RIGHT NOW! Be ready! LOL! I wish I could, because I would!
Happy Holidays!!!!