Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Check out my little Counter!! And...

At (almost) 2.5 yrs old, Caleb not only says numbers 1-10 but also recognizes and names them AND put together a clock shape puzzle that we just opened for the first time this morning ON THE FIRST TRY (earlier with me this morning and then again several times today with Katy and Daddy)!! Four of the pieces are missing, lost in his toy box, I'm sure. But still, he got the 8 numbers we found right.. And has been asking me all day where the number three is.. LMBO.
Awesome job, buddy!
Pretty good for a kid that barely talks. But when he does, he says all his ABC's and 123's. It's SO cute people, let me tell you! I am so proud of him!
(btw.. the lady in the video with Caleb is Katy.. or "Miss".. which is what Caleb calls her, LOL)Check out this video of my little guy.

And tell me .. How cute is this?
I would have really loved one of these.. Um, a month ago.. Not NOW.. Not 8.5 days before Christmas! LOL
ACOT just got this in. It's adorable..
For next year...


4guysandagirl said...

Girl, you better quit worring over that smarty not talking!!! He is learning everything perfectly!! Remember, I told you about my niece who doesn't speak? Well, she doesn't do anything else either. No counting, ABC's, nothing! I'll bet that little fellow can talk your ears off, he just choses not to. And that is a blessing!!!! In my house I have to remind myself that in a few more years (the teen years) my boys won't want to talk to me so I'd better listen to every lego Star Wars story there is. And it is a neverending story!!! LOL! Literally, these guys talk from the second they wake up until their sweet little heads hit the pillow at night! Enjoy the somewhat silence and STOP worring!!!! He's perfect and VERY smart!!!

Mara Campbell said...

Cute little boy you have, Jenny!!!! :-)