Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The rest of my day...

Well, it was interesting...

About a half hour after my earlier post our power went out. And stayed out,
Till 10pm tonight.
Because of freezing rain/slick roads, someone ran into an electric pole about two blocks from our home and knocked out power to our neighborhood and the two neighborhoods on either side of us. We had no heat, no electricity and it was in the lower 30's all day. (Definitely could have been worse though as two days ago we were in the single digits so thank God it was warmer today! LOL)

Anyway, Doug had our only working vehicle, with the carseat in it.. At work, about 60 miles away. So I called him and he decided to come home, he left work at 2:30. I thought great, he'll come get us, we'll go sit at IHOP or Walmart til the power comes back on.. At least we'll be warm.
There was an ice storm in Indy, down where Doug works. It took him FIVE HOURS to get home. It normally takes an hour and fifteen minutes tops!
So Caleb and I were stuck here and my husband was out in horrible weather trying to get to us. Obviously I was more worried about him as I knew I could keep Caleb warm using blankets and getting him to run around the house. (but once it got dark, I really started worrying.. Lord, how am I going to entertain this normally rambunctious child?)
Several interstates in Indianapolis were closed down. I-69 (the interstate Doug takes in his final stretch home) was closed because of accidents.
Again, it took five hours for him to get home... Can you imagine!!!???
He finally got home at 7:30pm and when he got out of the car, he fell and did something to his knee. Our driveway was SO slick. He is having a hard time walking. We were going to go to WM and walk around but he was in too much pain. So now that has to be looked at. Poor guy :(
So then the temps warmed up a few degrees and the ice turned into rain and made the roads in our city bearable so we went and drove around for 2.5 hours to get warm. We ate fast food and had ice cream at Steak 'n Shake and Caleb was SO good. I mean, the ENTIRE day. I am SO proud of him! He even came up to me and took a nap on me, it was SO cute! Aweeee :)
Just when we were heading to a hotel to stay the night, we noticed lights on in our neighborhood. At 10pm.. Caleb's bedtime. How crazy ironic is THAT!?
So now we're home and Cay Cay is in bed. And it's warming up in here :)

It was a day.. Not horrible but not something I'd like to relive.
It's hard to entertain a two year old in the dark, LOL. I was crazy bored.
I made some videos after 4 hours of no power. I was so bored and the light on the camcorder was helpful when it was dark, LOL.
I might show one or two.. They're pretty hilarious. Caleb and I were pretty goofy in them :)

Anyway, that was our day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better :)

Stay safe and warm.
Merry Christmas Eve-Eve :)


Heidi M said...

Sound like you had a rough day. I am glad to hear that all worked out in the end. I pray that tomorrow will bring much warmth and healing to your husband's knee. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

The Haughs said...

Oh my goodness! I never would've imagined it would have been 8 hours with no power! WOW! Glad it did come back on and hope Doug's knee isn't too serious. It took Nate 2 hours to get home - much longer than normal, and I was scared to death coming home from your house because of how bad the roads were! So glad he made it home safely and you're able to warm up now! Glad you enjoyed some family time and made the best of it! Merry Christmas!