Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Ramblings.. Also, don't forget to comment for blog candy :)

Hey girls/guys.. Two more days left for my blog candy giveaway. Please go here and leave a comment for your chance to win some goodies :)

Also, I'm a very HAPPY GIRL today .. Even without one single drop of caffeine (yes, I shock even myself that I've gone all day without a Frap or Pepsi).
I got some HAPPY MAIL from this sweetheart of a girl on one of my message boards. She was my December SECRET SISTER :)
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE everything you sent. OMG, you read my mind!! And I'm pretty sure it's all from my wishlist. Great great stuff. You rock!!!
I got a whole flippin' paper PAD of Basic Grey GRANOLA.. I'm SO excited as I've only been able to get my paws on one sheet of it so far. And, I took pics of the other stuff but deleted them accidentally and now my camera battery is charging....I also got a WHITE opaque Staz On ink pad. WHOO HOO... Love love LOVE it! Been wanting white Staz On FOREVER and Hobby Lobby never has it. YAY!!!!!! I will use this a TON this Winter on snow layouts and Ghost letters.
I also got a Cuttlebug star die (I am SOOO excited to use this.. I don't have anything like it), a large bottle of my #1 favorite glue, Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive, some awesome black swirl rubons (not sure how she knew I wanted this but I love black rubons on acrylic.. very cool and much needed!) and some gorgeous FELT butterflies from K&Co's Urban Rhapsody line. I have this paper and really wanted some embellies for it. Love them! Loooove felt!! And she made me the coolest card made out of fabric. Thank you SO much, Carrie!! Again, you rock! My heart and mouth have been smiling since I opened my package an hour ago! WHOO HOO!!!

Now for what I've been doing the past few hours: I've decided that Wednesdays are Mommy & Caleb craft day so Daddy went out and bought some Crayola washable paint last night and Mommy & Caleb painted and glittered some cheap resin ornaments I found at Joann's last year.
He had so much fun but truth but told, I think he liked SAYING his colors and stacking the paint bottles more than actually painting, LOL.
And also notice in this picture that he put some green paint IN HIS MOUTH and soooo did not like the taste (good thing there, LOL). Typical two year old, I guess.
He wanted to paint everything YELLOW.. He kept saying it over and over again. But, I told him no, we need to paint with Red and Green and he said "Opay". tee hee

So I let him go to town with the paints on some paper (using LOTS of yellow - mixed with other colors, tee hee).
He made a picture for Daddy:
It's been a good day. I love crafting with him :)


Unknown said...

OMG you so made my day Thank YOU so much!! And if you still want there is one last kit left. BUt who cares You were so sweet Thank YOU!

Jenny said...

OMG! He's so stinkin cute! Justin likes put all the colors on his paintbrush before he paints so most of his stuff comes out poop brown! Oh well, like you said, he's two! :)