Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hoawse Hoawse.. Daddy-o, Hoawse!!! Now!!!

Caleb's Mimi in Texas bought him a rocking horse for Christmas.. A TALKING, SINGING rocking horse (the horses' mouth even moves!).
Well, he looooooves that thing SO much but is still a bit too little to get up on it on his own so SEVERAL times today he would say "Hoawse Hoawse" over and over again (Horse Horse) and he would come pull on our fingers/hands and drag us over to the horse to give him a ride. It is SOOOOOO freakin' cute, let me tell ya!
This is then followed up by Caleb saying "happy happy happy!", LOL.

Mr. Caleb was definitely spoiled this Christmas.. We all made sure of that. But I think his most favorite toy is the "Hoawse".. Check out that darling face.. Isn't he just the cutest!

In other news, my homemade cinnamon pancakes turned out decent. Even Caleb gobbled up a few bites.
And Daddy got a new 32" LCD TV and some great gift cards, Mommy got some stuff for her Cricut Expression, some new slippers, two Yankee candles, a gift card to her fave clothing store and the first two books in the Twilight series (I've already read them from the library but wanted my very own copy for me to KEEP since I'm obsessed with them, LOL).
It was a great Christmas. And it was actually FUN with just the three of us. We ate good food, played with Caleb a ton, talked to long-distance family on the phone and watched a few good movies.
I don't think any of us could have asked for a better day :)

I hope your Christmas was blessed and I can't wait to see pictures from all of you. Have a great rest of the night!

ETA: Two more pictures. Here Caleb is right after we got him out of bed this morning. His jammies are hand me downs from his cousin Ryan. SOOOO cute! And the tool workshop/center was his big gift from Mommy and Daddy. He loves it.. Especially the drill.. I think we're going to go through batteries like crazy with that thing! LOL
And an FYI.. I'm not sure why Caleb's hair looks BROWN in the first pic. In reality, his hair is very blonde. Hmmmm.. Time to break out the Photoshop, I guess. tee hee


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kate blue said...

am glad you had a great Christmas!