Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa arrived at the Brannies household today..

In the form of a cute UPS man ;)

Caleb got THREE packages. One was so huge I could barely get it in the house but it was raining and the box was getting wet so, I had to get it in. That sucker was heavy!
Inside was a rocking horse from Caleb's Mimi Marsha (Doug's Mom that lives in TX).
How cute is this!! He is going to LOVE this thing and Mama and Daddy are going to have fun putting it together (NOT!, LOL)
He also got a ball pit hut and this "Learning DJ", both from his Aunt Erin in Kansas City. He is going to love this thing as he loves microphones and music.

Santa also brought Daddy a package from Amazon.com but that's a secret.. Shhhhhh ;)

No scrapping lately. My body has been trying to get used to the Phentermine again. It's made me super jittery and then I crash.. I went to bed last night at 11pm and for those of you that know me, that is VERY unusual as my bedtime is usually 2-3am, LOL.
Hopefully I'll get used to it and be back to a more normal routine soon.. I really really need to finish a clock I am making for my Dad for Christmas and scrap some Christmas layouts from *2006*!!

And hey, remember that free photo book Oprah advertised through Snapfish? Well, I *still* don't have mine and I made it over three weeks ago! Crazy!! Anyone else not received theirs yet?

Well, I'm off to make dinner. Have a great night everyone and smooches to Jenn who's recovering from surgery ;)


4guysandagirl said...

I just got my book from Snapfish. It was a mess! One of the pages had a poem on it and they cut it off!!! I triple checked this thing so I know it was them and not me. Then they tried to charge me extra shipping! Finally 2 1/2 weeks later and several emails, I got it.I guess they were just over worked. They probably didn't expect it to get the response it got.

Jenny B in Indy said...

I got mine today, finally and, it's okay. It's not as nice as the ones I did on Picaboo and Shutterfly but for $7 something, it's okay :)

Sorry you had issues. I hope everything got worked out :)

Jenny said...

I got mine yesterday and the one that shipped the day before mine has yet to arrive at its destination...I think. It's a surprise for Dave's grandparents and they haven't called to say they got it yet...and I'm SURE they will. I thought for $7 it was pretty nice and saved me a whole lot of scrappin time! :)