Friday, December 5, 2008

OH MY GOD!!! I just won something AWESOME!!!

Tonight I did some blog hopping.. First I went to the Fiskateers site, then to Donna Salazar's blog (from Prima). From there I went to watch a video on Leah Fung's blog.. They were making a GORGEOUS altered tray. So I commented.. Never thinking much of it.
Then I watched about 6 more videos and laughed my butt off because those girls are so hilarious and cute together :)
I learned that the Paper Gator can be used for SCALLOPING EDGES!!! and lots more cool stuff!
Well, I just happened to be skimming the blog getting ready to log off and go to bed when I saw MY NAME and had to do a double take. Oh my God girls, I won something. Something BIG!! Something AWESOME!!! It's two o'clock in the morning and I'm doing a happy dance! tee hee
LQQK at what I won!!!!!
It's SOOOO gorgeous! I'm so excited to have something "girly". With two boys around here and a two year old that likes to break things, I don't have many girly things anymore so I'm very excited to win this and be able to display something girly in my home.

Thank you Leah!! You ROCK!!!


Heidi M said...

You are so lucky!! That is wonderful. Congratulations!!