Saturday, December 13, 2008

For Tracy

So this video was initially just me trying to get Caleb on tape talking. He was saying his ABC's, 123's and colors until I started taping and then he was talking so low the video didn't pick it up. Anyway, he then said "SUN" and left the room and came back with the Elmo "SUN" book we got from you today. So I thought "hmmmm, I'll share this with Tracy and also show her the album while I'm at it!!!".
So, here it is. You can fast forward through the Caleb sitting on the floor part. Enjoy! It'll be back in the mail SOON!! :)


Anonymous said...

Jenny...the album is beautiful!!!! thank you so much for doing that for me!!!!! i cant wait to see it in person! and caleb is so cute with those books!! i am glad he liked them! Tracy

BethieJ said...

Jenny~ I LOVE the BELIEVE album.. I have one upstairs WAITING to be done! Your turned out cute!!!
Great video too! Caleb is so DARN CUTE!!! and HELLO you know I LOVE ornaments! I must go check that one out!!! hee hee! And that xmas poem was sooo FUNNY! Santa would for sure say that to me! :)
Happy Holidays!!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Oh, you're so welcome! Glad I could do it for you! I actually added more embellies this morning.. buttons, a few more photo mats, etc. It's cute. Hope you love it! I'm jealous, I want one now! LOL
(just kidding)